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Select a JCR edition and year

Journal Citation Reports® is published annually in two editions. Only the editions and years to which your institution subscribes appear on the home page.

JCR Science Edition contains data about more than 8,000 journals in science and technology.

JCR Social Sciences Edition contains data about more than 2,600 journals in the social sciences.

The year that you select is the JCR year. All of the data that you see for journals and subject categories come from journal data published in that year. For example, if you select JCR Science Edition 2009, and you search for a particular journal, you will see the 2009 data for that journal, including:

  • Number of articles published in the journal in 2009
  • Number of citations to that journal from articles published in 2009
  • Impact Factor calculated from 2009 data, and so on

Select an option

  • View a group of journals by Subject Category, Publisher, Country/Territory. The default option is Subject Category.

  • Search for a specific journal. Search for a specific title.

  • View all journals. View all journals in the JCR edition and year you selected.

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