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Journal Summary List

The Journal Summary List displays the journals that match your selection and sort criteria. You can mark journals for printing and saving.

Summary List Table


The journal rank according to the selected sort option.

Abbreviated Journal Title

The abbreviated journal title. Click the title to go to the Journal page.


The International Standard Serial Number.

Total Cites

The total number of citations to the journal in the JCR year.

Impact Factor

The Impact Factor of the journal.

Immediacy Index

The Immediacy Index of the journal.


The total number of articles in the journal published in the JCR year.

Cited Half-Life

The cited half-life of the journal.

Marking Journals

Marking journals is useful if you wish to save journal data to a file or to print the journal data.

  1. Select the Mark check box next to the journals you wish to mark.
    Alternatively, click the Mark All button to mark all the journals on the summary list.

  2. Click the Update Marked List button to send your selections to the Marked Journal List page.

Note You can mark up to 500 journals. If you attempt to mark more than 500 journals, the system displays a warning message about the limit.

Information About ...

Available Options

  • To sort the journals, select a sort option from the Sorted by drop down box, and then click Sort Again.

  • To view more information about a journal, click the abbreviated title of the journal.

  • To view journal title changes that have occurred in the past two years (that is, JCR year and the preceding year), click the Journal Title Changes button on the right-side of the page.