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How to Calculate a Unified Impact Factor

If you are interested in a journal that has changed titles, split into multiple titles, or merged with another title, you may be to calculate a unified Impact Factor if the data are available. This can provide continuity for your journal evaluation until the new title is established.

To unify an Impact Factor for a journal affected by a title change:

  1. Print out the template at the bottom of this Help page.

  2. From the Journal Title Changes page, find the title of the journal and its old/new title.

  3. Access the Journal page for each title.

  4. Scroll down the page to find the Impact Factor data.

  5. Note the numbers for cites to recent articles, the number of recent articles, and the Impact Factor. Fill in the blanks in the template below.

  6. Total the figures in columns A and B to unify the cites to recent articles and the number of recent articles.

  7. Divide the unified sum of column A by the unified sum of column B to to find the unified Impact Factor (column C).

Information About ...

Current year cites to articles published in year-1 and year-2
Number of articles published in year-1 and year-2
Current year Impact Factor
column A /
column B
All Old Title(s)      
New Title      
Unified (Old + New)